Preparing for classes at Saint Louis Community College is as easy as 1..2..3!

1: Placement Testing

Every student has different needs. Understanding where you are in your educational journey will help us to place you in the appropriate courses. This is why we require all students to complete placement testing or to provide qualified documentation.

2: Access Your MySTLCC ID & Email

Your MySTLCC ID is a login credential that allows you to access St. Louis Community College’s computer-based services, like Blackboard, Banner, and your email. You’ll need to access your ID and create a password before you proceed.

We want to stay in touch! Let’s face it, you won’t always be on campus and neither will we. That doesn’t mean the communication stops. Activate your email to stay in touch with us.

3: Sign Up for Orientation

Once admitted, first time in college students are required to attend a New Student Registration Workshop (NSRW).

Note: While all students are welcome, first-time in college students will not be able to register for their classes until they have attended an NSRW. Registration is required and space is limited.